ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Helping Those Who Struggle With Mental Health Issues...
Helping Christians Heal For Real. A Helpful Formula For Healing Mental Health Concerns.
This Mental Health Crash Course Is Designed To Help You Know...
Lifeline #1: How to recognize the difference between mental health issues and moral issues.
Lifeline #2: How to discover a practical formula for healing mental health issues.
Lifeline #3: How to find hope in the midst of so much hopelessness!

The cost is $49.99 for the videos only. You can work at your own pace 
and watch the videos as many times as you'd like. Classes will be available starting January 25th, 2021. 

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What People Are Saying About Our Various Crash Courses!

The Crash Course was well designed to help provide the necessary basics of defending our faith without overwhelming amounts of information. I hope to use it in sharing with others at my home for an evangelism & apologetics study. Thank you, Bobby. The Lord has blessed me through your faithfulness.

I had the opportunity to take the Crash Course. It was a great class for anyone who is just starting an apologetic journey and yet has a great deal of information for the seasoned apologist. Enjoyed the course and look forward to more classes.

Thank you, my dear brother and sister, I glorify God for your fruitful ministry. Your experience and guidance on anxiety, worry, and depression helped me a lot. May God bless you and bless your family and Ministry.

Just finished the Crash Course and I must say I loved it! I would like to see perhaps one or two short supplementary videos on how best to approach the most controversial issues of our day such as LGBT and similar touchy issues but overall I thought it was great!



I wear multiple hats, those of husband, father, apologist, author, pastor, radio host and friend. Here, I hope to offer you credible answers to life's most curious questions, as I address everyday issues and how they relate to ancient, but all too relevant Scripture.

While living in Southern California at the age of nineteen my college baseball teammate took me to hear an evangelist by the name of Greg Laurie. I resonated with Greg—a recovering pothead, laid back, and a blue jean wearing Bible teaching evangelist. His message resonated and soon afterward I was following Jesus.

Since 1996, I’ve been married to my bride Heather, and together we have two children, Dawson and Haley, both empty nested. My wife and I enjoyed speaking on Family Life’s Weekend to Remember national speaking team for nearly ten years and now I serve as the Lead Pastor of Image Church in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, while also hosting Pastors' Perspective, a nationally syndicated radio show and One Minute Apologist. My hobbies include: date nights with my bride, family time with my kids, traveling and reading lots of nerdy books!
Who Is This Course Designed For?
This course was created for any and all of the following..

-The person who struggles from mental health issues.
-The pastor who wants to know how to lead the church effectively through the mental health crisis.
-The counselor looking for a good lay tool to offer patients.
-The small group wanting to learn more about mental health issues.
-The recovery ministry looking for a tool to aid them in their program.
-And the curious, wanting to be informed on mental health issues.
How Many Sessions Is The Course?
The Mental Health Crash Course includes five sessions, plus a brief introduction. These sessions are easy to watch in one sitting, averaging about fifteen minutes per session. They were kept short purposely so in the event you want to go through the course as a small group there would be plenty of time left over for group discussion.
What If I Have Questions About The Material?
We are offering LIVE sessions via a Facebook group as part of this course. The best way to get questions answered would be to purchase the option to attend the LIVE sessions, ask questions, and chat with others in the Facebook group. If you can't join at that level and still have questions or if you have technical questions, you can always reach us at

Can I Go Through This Course With Others?
Absolutely. In fact, we would encourage it. As the Scriptures says, "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another" (Proverbs 27:17). Going through this course as a group will allow you to brainstorm together, to work through the small group discussion questions, to form deep bonds around hard to discuss topics, and allow you to work together to help create within your church a culture that is all for helping those suffering from mental health issues.
Are Bobby and Heather Licensed Counselors?
They are not. In fact, they aren't even trying to be. Obviously, both Bobby and Heather are highly educated. Heather is a trained nutritionist and Bobby has earned several degrees himself. They did speak for Family Life Marriage conferences for almost ten years, but their real experience is they have first hand experience suffering from various mental health issues. This makes them very relatable. They aren't trying to be trained psychiatrists, rather they are taking the work of the pros and putting it in laymen terms in order to help mental health issues be addressed properly in the local church. As a pastor for most of his adult life Bobby has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly as it relates to ministering to people. This is the Conway's attempt to help the church wake up and meet the needs of this mental health crisis.
Do I Have To Attend The Live Sessions?
Only if you want to get what you paid for. If you purchased the course, plus the live option we would highly encourage you to participate. If you are not able to, then we'd suggest just purchasing the course. However, the lives will allow you to ask questions, get extra clarification, hear from others, and afford you the opportunity to reinforce what you are learning through the course.
What If I Want To Go Through This With My Small Group At A Later Time?
No problem. This course is designed for individual/group study. This means you can view the course on your own now and when the time is right you can go through the course with your friends, family, or small group.
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